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Patient loyalty is not gained by delivering “core services” but by receiving service above expectations

Tips on improving patient experience

Hospital Care Quality Information from the Consumer Perspective (HCAPS) are an important part of Value based purchasing. Currently make up 30% of the overall score (more info on VBP/HCAPS score).

Below are some tips on ways to improve patient experience:

  • Knock, wait for a response
  • Acknowledge patient and family, Introduce yourself, smile; apologize if patient kept waiting
  • Sit, face the patient, make eye contact
  • Break the ice
  • Listen and don’t interrupt patient
  • Paraphrase patient’s history to verify understanding; identify top priorities
  • Display empathy and personal manner
  • Give patient information as you go (think out loud) and thoroughly explain what is happening and give time frame if possible
  • Involve patient in care planning, agree on plan
  • Ask if patient or family needs more explanation after each major point and if there are any reservations or concerns about plan
  • Summarize treatment plan avoiding medical jargon
  • Manage-up colleagues, provide heartfelt, genuine close to the encounter with hand on shoulder, and offer a handshake.


  1. HCAPS fact sheet
  2. HCAPS Sample Survey