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**Update** – Chest Pain Admission order set modified and activated in LIVE

Chest Pain Admission Order Set modified and activated in LIVE for both McHenry and Huntley locations.

**Update** – Angioplasty/Stent Post Op Order set modified and activated in LIVE

Angioplasty / Stent Post Op Order set modified and LIVE at McHenry and Huntley. Please review the attachment below.

**Update** – New Bariatric Admission Post Op and Discharge Orders activated at Huntley

The new Bariatric Admission Post Op and Discharge Orders are now activated only at Huntley. If you would like to utilize these order sets for a Huntley patient, use the following steps:

  1. Open patient profile by clicking on their name
  2. Click on the “Ordering” tab on the top
  3. Click on “Search” tab, next to Order Queue
  4. Type in “Bariatric Admission Post Op” and “Bariatric Discharge Orders”  to utilize these order sets.

**Update** Heart Failure Module updated and available to use

The new Heart Failure module has been updated and active at both McHenry and Huntley.  The old module has been removed.  Please review the image below for instructions on how to access this module in Paragon Clinician Hub.

**Now Available** PERT PULMONARY EMBOLISM Order Set

The PERT PULMONARY EMBOLISM orders are active at both Huntley and McHenry. You can locate it by searching this title in the “Ordering” tab of the Paragon Clinician Hub.

Paragon remote access changed

Please note that as of 10/14/2018 Paragon remote access will be moved to https://citrix.centegra.com

Paragon will no longer be available through access.centegra.com

**Paragon Downtime** – 09_19_2018 / 1am – 5am

**Update** – New Paragon Documentation by Specialty

Progress / Resident Progress and Consultation Notes are now available by your “Specialty“. The breakdown of these documentation via specialty will make it easier for all Physicians’ to understand the type of note documented for each patient profile. The content for all the notes are the same for all of the specialties. This is active for all locations: Huntley, McHenry and Woodstock. When searching for a documentation, you can search by your specialty, so the result(s) can be populated unique to your specialty.  Below are the new specialties added for each of the note title. Review the image below, on how the documentation list would view once signed.

Specialties included for Progress / Resident Progress and Consultation Notes are:

  1. Cardiology
  2. Pulmonary
  3. ID
  4. Nephrology
  5. GI
  6. Endocrine
  7. Neurology

Naming convention to search for each specialty:

Your Specialty” Consultation Note – example:  Cardiology Consultation Note

Your Specialty” Progress Note – example: Cardiology Progress Note

Resident “Your Specialty” Progress Note – example: Resident Cardiology Progress Note






How to Invalidate Documentation in Paragon Clinician Hub?

In Paragon Clinician Hub, when a document has been entered under the wrong visit ID or for any other reason the document needs to be removed from the record, it needs to be Invalidated.

If you have received a notice stating that you need to make this change, please utilize the instructions below. For additional visual training, a screen shot and a link to a video has been added below as well.

  1. Go to Census, locate visit where the document should be entered by entering the Visit ID supplied by Medical Records into the search field.
  2. Recreate the note under the correct visit ID, noting that the date is editable.
  3. Go back to the Census Tab.
  4. Locate visit where the document is entered in error by entering the “wrong” Visit ID supplied by Medical Records into the search field.
  5. Open the note in question, and locate the icon next to red X in the upper right hand corner; click the invalidate icon and choose a reason for invalidating.

Video on how to Invalidate: https://youtu.be/3YlLdtKPqzY


**UPDATE** – NEW History and Physical Update 1001 Documentation in Paragon

History and Physical Short form is no longer available for any sites.

The new “History and Physical Update 1001” will replace the short form.  Providers must use the History and Physical 1000 for INITIAL documentation.

History and Physical Update 1001 is to be only used for updates to H&P’s created within the last 30 days for out-patient procedures and inpatient admissions.

If a History and Physical 1000 does not exist, one must be completed.

Please review the visual below for additional information.