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CHM Receives Blue Distinction Award

From: Heidi Close, Director of Women’s Services Centegra Health System

Rachel Sebastian, President McHenry Hospital

Peggy Norton-Rosko, MSN, RN, NEA-C SVP & Chief Nursing Officer Centegra Health System __________________________________________________________________________________________

We are excited to announce that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois recently awarded Centegra McHenry Hospital the Blue Distinction® Center for Maternity Care designation (BDC). Blue Distinction® is a national designation program recognizing healthcare facilities that demonstrate expertise in delivering quality specialty care – safely, effectively, and cost efficiently.

Facilities are evaluated on quality metrics developed through a process that includes:

  • Input from the medical community and quality measurement experts.
  • Review of medical literature together with national quality and safety initiatives.
  • Thorough analysis of meaningful quality measures from objective, publicly available sources.

    In addition hospitals that receive the BDC Maternity Care designation must also attest to having certain structural components in place and commit to ongoing reporting and quality improvement obligations. The program also evaluates hospitals on overall patient satisfaction, including a willingness to recommend the hospital to others. Blue Distinction® Centers demonstrate better overall patient satisfaction and a lower percentage of early elective deliveries.

    Join us in congratulating our entire Women’s Health team as they continue to provide outstanding care to our community.

Medical Records (HIM) Relocation

Beginning 1/19/15, HIM at both Woodstock and McHenry Hospitals will be relocating to South Street:
First Floor (Behind double doors/main desk)
527 W. South St
Woodstock, IL 60098

With that being said, there will be no Medical Record Services at either campus. Records will be transported to the new location for scanning/completion. Patients requesting medical records will need to present at South Street for copies of their Medical Record.

Phone numbers along with other information will be released shortly.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Sipunu.

Sarah Sipunu, RHIA
Director, Health Information Managment
Centegra Health System

H.U.S.H Initative Starting October 1, 2014


HUSH initiative

Why are we implementing a new procedure? Past interventions and initiatives have been unsuccessful due to inconsistency and no accountability.


  • FY14 HCAHPS “Quietness of Hospital Environment” scores were at their lowest.
  • Too many visitors on the unit or at patient’s bedside are frequent contributors to a noisy environment.
  • Increased noise level at the nurse stations when other departments are present. Shift change is a large contributor to the increased noise level.

Improvement Outcomes:

  • Studies show that a quiet environment contributes to faster healing, decreased length of stay and improved patient satisfaction.
  • Increase our HCAHPS score when it comes to “Quietness of Hospital Environment” question, which will also improve our overall patient satisfaction score.
  • Educated staff empowered to support a healing environment for our patients.

How are we planning to improve our scores? We will provide education, set appropriate expectations and implement new processes.

Implement on the Nursing Unit:
It is important to understand what the inpatient units will be doing during quiet time.

The hospital operator will announce quiet time at 1:45pm daily.

Each floor designate a responsible Associate to perform the following:

  • Techs and Nurses: Inform patient’s we are preparing for quiet time; ask them to minimize noise. They can help by using headphones for TV, turning cell phones on vibrate, etc.
  • Nurses: Dim lights on the unit
  • Techs and Nurses: Closing patient’s doors
  • HUCS: Close unit doors to each unit at 1:45p.m.

Patient care will be continued, however, we will try to minimize as much as possible during this time.

Nurses will educate patients and any visitors present regarding visiting hours and quiet time upon admission. A Skylight short education video is in production; once available nursing will be required to show patients upon admission and units will be monitored for compliance.

Implement in ER, PACU, SDS, CATH Lab, and Radiology Departments:
Before patients are taken to the nursing units please discuss with patient’s family members the recommended 2 visitor per room option; additional visitors will need to wait in the visiting lounge and take turns; this will help us maintain a quiet healing environment.
We understand this will require a huge change. Nursing leaders will follow up regularly to ensure these processes are followed.

Please inform your staff to call security for assistance and support if you have any issues with visitors.

H.U.S.H Initiative FAQ’S

  1. Will signs be posted to help enforce/inform staff and visitors of this initiative?

    Yes! Signs will be delivered to each unit. They should be posted on the outside of the unit doors and in break rooms so that staff and visitors will have a visual reminder to lower voices and be respectful of quiet hours.

  2. What happens when it’s quiet time and several Associates are talking loudly on the unit and no one is listening when they are asked to keep voices low?

    Please notify your Charge Nurse or Supervisor of the situation and ask for assistance. If issues continue, department leaders should be notified via email (if leader is unavailable) of specific situations; provide details for appropriate follow up.

  3. What if a patient’s family member asks to spend the night because their care expectations are not being met?

    First inquire why they feel that their loved one is not receiving appropriate care; reassure them we provide exceptional care. Let them know they will be notified of changes in their loved ones condition and for added comfort, they are welcome to call for updates. It is important to ensure this is communicated with the nurse taking care of the patient as well as passed on to the patient’s future nurses. Exceptions will be made for patient with declining condition, patient is confused – family member needs to “sit” overnight; or peds patient. NOTE: appropriate bed assignment is required (private room preferred).

  4. What if 3 visitors are in a patient’s room at one time?

    First assess the situation. If the noise level is loud or excessive, please ask visitor(s) to support our healing environment by lowering their voices. If the situation does not improve, kindly ask one of the visitors to wait in the visitor lounge area. Explain our recommended 2 visitors at a time policy. If all attempts fail, ask your Charge Nurse or Security for assistance.

  5. What do I do if I notice someone in the hallway with no visible identification?

    Kindly ask for identification such as a visitor ID badge, employee badge or contractor ID badge; inform guest it must be displayed at all times. If they are unable to produce an ID badge please escort them to the front desk to obtain one. If you are met with resistance please notify Security immediately. This is for the safety of all our patients and staff.

Outpatient clinic and CPC cancellation policy

In an effort to maximize clinical access and improve scheduling efficiencies, Centegra Health System will implement a new cancellation policy in outpatient clinics and Centegra Physician Care.  Effective Sept. 3, 2014 any cancellation made by a patient less than 24 hours in advance of  an appointment will be considered a missed appointment and will result in a cancellation fee of $25.  Continue reading

All Deliveries Now Centralized to Centegra Hospital-McHenry

Effective tomorrow, Saturday, September 13, at 7 a.m., all labor and delivery services will be offered exclusively at Centegra Hospital-McHenry. This complete transition is the result of months of hard work and careful attention to detail by teams at both Centegra Hospital-McHenry and Centegra Hospital-Woodstock.

Mothers who arrive at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock will be redirected to Centegra Hospital-McHenry. As always, the Emergency Department at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock is prepared to handle emergency deliveries. We have contacted our community partners and Emergency Medical Services personnel to notify them about the transition.

As we look ahead to the future, we will continue to improve our Family Birth Center by providing OB hospitalists and 24/7 in-house neonatology coverage. This fall we will share more information about the ways we’re ensuring our Family Birth Center provides an exceptional patient experience and the safest, highest-quality care available in the region.

I would once again like to recognize all of the providers and Associates who have given outstanding care at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock. We appreciate everyone’s support as we welcome them to the Centegra Hospital-McHenry family.

Rachel Sebastian, Vice President & Site Administrator, Centegra Hospital-McHenry
Dr. Sheila Senn, Vice President & Site Administrator, Centegra Hospital-Woodstock

For a printer copy verison of this memo, please click here.

Physician Excellence in Teamwork Award

It is time again to recognize one outstanding, distinguished physician on the Centegra Health System Medical Staff with the annual Centegra Physician Excellence in Teamwork Award. This is your chance to recognize the physician you believe best embodies exceptional patient care and service. The physician who receives the most nominations will be presented the award during the Physician Appreciation Event in October.

Centegra Associatess are encouraged to vote electronically until Friday, September 5.

Submit your vote Here.

Physician Excellence in Teamwork

For a printable copy of the flier above, click Here.

CH-M Cardiac Surgery Receives Top Rating from STS

We are very proud to share the news that Centegra Hospital-McHenry has received the highest three-star rating for cardiac surgery quality from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS). Approximately 10 percent of hospitals nationwide receive the three-star rating, which denotes the highest category of quality.

The STS three-star rating system is the gold standard for cardiac surgery quality ratings and is highly regarded as the best way to compare cardiac surgery programs. The system is based on cardiac teams’ performance in terms of survival rates, the absence of complications and other key measures. By receiving three stars, our cardiac surgery program has been placed among the best programs in the nation.

Centegra Health System partners with physicians from Cardiac Surgery Associates, S.C., to provide patients a complete range of heart surgeries. This partnership has brought advanced cardiac care to McHenry County to ensure community members can receive the best care close to home.

Congratulations to our cardiac surgery team and to every Associate and Physician who provides outstanding clinical care to patients with heart disease. Our patients have the privilege of receiving compassionate, sophisticated treatment close to their homes. We can be proud of our advanced cardiac services and the exceptional care Centegra brings to the communities we serve.

– Rachel Sebastian, Vice President, Site Administrator, Centegra Hospital-McHenry

– Thomas Hinkamp, MD, Cardiac Surgery Associates

May is Mental Health Month

Dear Centegra Team Members,

Nationally, May is recognized as Mental Health Month.  This should serve as a reminder to every one of us to ensure we are taking active steps in our daily lives to maintain our mental health, as well as our physical health.  Good mental health can be fostered in many ways, such as: making sure you get enough sleep, exercising regularly, engaging in fulfilling social activities outside of your work, directing time towards hobbies you enjoy and seeking outside help when needed.

While we need to focus on actively maintaining our own mental health, we should also encourage and support each other in doing the same.  Recently while attending a Mental Health professionals’ conference, I heard a story of a man who in his 30s had decided his life was no longer worth living.  Literally, as he set out intent on carrying out his plan to commit suicide, he ran into an old friend who asked how he was.  They sat down, had coffee together, talked, and he sought help after their visit.  This random meeting and conversation saved his life.  This story is a powerful reminder for all of us of the value of checking in with each other and asking “are you ok?”

In Australia, they launched a campaign referred to as the “R U OK” campaign.  The focus here is, of course, to remind people that it is important and powerful to ask and that you may never really know how powerful or important that question could be some days.  Here at Centegra, we have some practices in place that remind us to ask the question and check in with one another.  Our defusing and debriefing gatherings are designed as a context for us to ask and ensure that we are ok.  While our work is rewarding and engaging, there are times when it is also profoundly sad or frightening.  Those moments demand our attention and need to be acknowledged even if they are an expected part of what we do every day.

So I encourage you to take stock in your current mental health coping strategies and build it up if needed.   I also encourage you to ask the question, “are you ok?”, when it comes to mind.  You may never know how valuable that acknowledgment may be to someone else.

Be well,

Sheila Senn, Psy.D.
Vice President, Site Administrator Woodstock Campuses
Centegra Health System