Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service and Care Coordination Structure

The purpose of this memo is to communicate the following enhancements to the Care Coordination Department and the growing collaboration between Care Coordination and our psychiatric service line.

During the month of March, Care Coordination increased onsite weekend coverage to more effectively meet our patients’ needs. We now have the following weekend coverage:
CHM Saturdays and Sundays: 2 Care Coordination Associates onsite from 7:30am-4:00pm.
CHW Saturdays and Sundays: 1 Care Coordination Associate onsite from 7:30am-4:00pm.
After hours, on-call availability via telephone is from 4:00pm-10:00pm by calling the Operator.

Effective April 6th: Care Coordination enhanced our current discharge model by utilizing social service professionals for discharge planning needs. These members of the Care Coordination Team will work collaboratively with a Medical Nurse (RN Case Manager from the Care Coordination Team) to assist with medically complex cases. This shift allows the Care Coordination Department to more effectively address the combined behavioral, emotional, and physical needs of patients which has been proven to reduce readmissions. We are excited for this change as it adheres to the trend in discharge planning across the Nation.

Effective May 4th: Behavioral Health Consultants in the Care Coordination Department will partner alongside our Inpatient Psychiatric Service to more readily serve our patients. When a patient has an identified behavioral, emotional, or chemical dependency need, physicians will only place one order for the Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service. The Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service (formerly Behavioral Health Consultants) will work in conjunction with our psychiatrists to assess for risk, place hold orders, patient safety companion orders and determine appropriate level of care. The goal is to create a service that mimics our ED structure which relies on the collaboration between our Crisis Associates and ED Physicians with telephonic psychiatric support to serve this population. This shift in process allows for 7 day a week coverage with no gaps in psychiatric service by utilizing the Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service as an extension of the Psychiatric Service by both improving the care for our patients on our inpatient units and affecting our throughput efforts.

Further announcement will be posted prior to May 4th to confirm the new order for the Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service is ready for use in our EHR.

This memo was posted on behalf of:

Dr. Paul Berkowitz, Director of Behavioral Health

Sandy Montalvo, Manager Care Coordination/Social Services

Astrid J. Larsen, Director of Care Coordination, Centegra Health System