Patient Experience

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Key Communication Tips to Improve Communication with Patients

Some tips to improve the patient experience:

  • When speaking with patients and family members, sit down if you can. Physicians who sit down during their visits are rated by patients as having spent more time than those who remain standing.
  • Make eye contact, respect privacy, and greet patients with the title or name they prefer
  • Encourage patents and family member to write down questions they may have for you before you visit or as they think of them
  • Allow patients to “tell the story” without interrupting
  • Offer a physical gesture of kindness or good will such as a touch of the hand or shoulder upon entering or leaving the patient’s room
  • Ask open-ended questions and respond with empathy
  • Provide answers in understandable, non-technical language
  • Patient respond positively to physicians who elicit and respect all of their concerns, who acknowledge the patient’s fears and who do not avoid unpleasant subjects
  • Inquire about the patient’s understanding of the disease and its treatment
  • Be cognizant of the time of day and convenience of your visit times
  • Make yourself available to the patient and family. Make certain they know how to contact you with any questions, even if you are consulting.
  • Inquire before departing if there is anything else the patient would like to address with you.
  • Thank you for your commitment to serving your patients and those that come to Centegra Health “System.
  • As always, providing an outstanding patient expereince cannot be achieved without hour help and support.