Reprinting prescriptions – Paragon 14

There are two ways to reprint a prescription in Paragon 14

  1. Process to create a duplicate prescription. This can be used to fill the prescription and will show up as a duplicate in the discharge information.
  2. Process to create a “copy”. This will have a watermark “copy” on the printout and will have “Copy of original electronic prescription. Not intended for dispensing.” on the upper right hand of the page. This is to keep a record say for the office chart.

Start by going to Rx Profile

This is located at the Rx Profile tab under Rx Writer

1. Path #1 Resending a prescription

This is to create a duplicate eprescription. This can be electronically sent or printed. It will show up as a duplicate on the discharge medication list.

1.1 Open the Rx Profile

Here you will see a list of all the prescriptions created for this encounter. To create a duplicate prescription click the “Copy Rx” arrows on the right side of the prescription list. It is marked with a (1) in the screenshot below

1.2 Creating the new prescription

This will take you to the next page where the user can edit the prescriptions instructions, quantity frequenct etc. Note that you can also select a pharmacy here (1). Once the prescription is updated then chose save (2)

1.3 Over ride the duplicate alert

The user will be made aware that this is a duplicate therapy. Please chose the reason for the over ride from the drop down meny (1)

1.4 Pending screen

User will be taken to the pending prescription screen. Click (1) to continue. Note quantity and refills can be changed (2) and scripts removed (3) from this screen  . This is new to Paragon 14.

1.5 Submitting prescriptions – The last step to create a duplicate prescription

  • User can chose to use the same pharmacy for all prescriptions by checking the box (1)
  • Printer can be selected by using the dropdown (2). Leave document as Paragon_Prescription.DOCX.
  • If you wish to send some prescriptions electronically and other to print then leave (1) unchecked and chose the individual methods in (3)
  • When everything looks good then click Submit (4)
  • You are done. Prescriptions should print at the desired location. Note it may take 3-4 minutes to print.

2. Path #2 Making a prescription copy

This choice is to make a NON-FILLABLE prescription for your records

2.1 Select the prescription

Select the prescription (1) then chose “Print Copy” (2)

2.2 Chose printer

Select the Printer destination and click Ok.

Prescription will print at the desired location.

NOTE: Prescription will have “COPY” on the watermark and “Copy of original electronic prescription. Not intended for dispensing” on the upper right hand corner.