Paragon v12.1 Enhancements

Below is a list of enhancements that Paragon v12.1 offers:

Bulk Order Sign-Off

Starting April 1, 2015 providers will be able to sign-off on multiple orders in 3 steps.

Step 1:

Click on the “Order Sign-Off” tab (located between Action List and CPOE).

Bulk Order Sign Off

Step 2:

The “My Orders” tab will display the orders specific to that user. The “Patient Orders” tab will show all the orders that need to be signed-off while in a patient chart.

***Providers are only responsible for the orders in the “My Orders” section***

Notice that this screen provides more detail about individual orders than the Action List tab. Order instructions will now populate inside the grid for providers to view (previously had to return to the chart to see specific instructions in an order).

bulkorder1click to enlarge

Click on the checkbox on the left of the orders to select them for sign-off or click on the check mark located in the top left corner of the orders grid to select all the orders.


Step 3:

Click the “Sign-Off” button to sign the checked orders.

bulkorder3click to enlarge


Things to remember:

  • Providers are only responsible for their own orders. Please stick to the “My Orders” tab. Only navigate to the “Patient Orders” tab if you need to sign off on orders for your group.
  • To reject orders, providers will still need to go to the Action List.

Physdoc/Template (Documentation) Favorites

Footers have been added to the physdocs/templates and will need to be added back to the users “favorites” tab. A few of the physdocs/templates that have been effected are Immediate Post Op Note, History and Physical Short, form outpt, update and the Miscellaneous Template. For a complete list of physdocs/templates that need to be added back to the favorites click here.

Order Queue

The Order queue within Paragon has gone through a cosmetic change that should benefit users. In Paragon v12.0 the Order and Processing Status columns were on the left side.

new3click to enlarge

In Paragon v12.1 the Order and Process Status are in the columns following the name of the order. A new column has been added showing when the order was submitted.
new4click to enlarge

Prescription Writer

In the Prescription Writer dosing window, the quantity for the medication will default to the # of days and the refills will default to zero.


The Prescription Writer printer will default to the last printer that a provider has submitted a prescription.

Admission Med Rec:

A function will be available that will defer all home medications in one click. Once a provider scrolls to the bottom of the med rec, the button “Defer” Remaining Home Meds becomes available. Providers can address the home medications they want to continue then defer all the remaining home meds with one action.

admrcclick to enlarge

Discharge Med Rec:

Addressing Home Meds in the DC Med Rec

In Paragon v12.0 providers have to go through a 2 step process to continue a home med in the discharge med rec. The provider would have to discontinue the inpatient order in order to address the home medication that the inpatient med was linked to.

new1click to enlarge

In Paragon v12.1 the home medication can be addressed without having to address the inpatient medication the home med is linked to first. A provider can click “Cont” on the home medication and the inpatient order will be discontinued automatically.

new2click to enlarge

“DC” Remaining Inpatient Orders

A function will be available that will discontinue all inpatient medications with one click. Once a provider scrolls to the bottom of the med rec, the button “DC” Remaining Inpatient Orders becomes available. After the provider has addressed the home medications and the inpatient medications they wish to continue or prescribe, the provider can discontinue all remaining home meds with one action.

dcmrcclick to enlarge

Amending Discharge Med Recs

In Paragon v12.1 a provider can amend a discharge med rec to add medications or prescriptions. Clicking “Amend” will take the provider to the discharge med rec.


After the amend button is clicked, the provider has 2 options to amend the med rec:

  1. Add prescription/Add home medication
  2. Start new discharge draft

1. Add prescription/Add home medication

Providers can add new home medications, prescribe medications currently on the discharge med rec, and/or add new prescriptions while amending a med rec. After the meds are added and/or modified, the provider can hit complete to submit prescriptions and/or complete the med rec.


If a provider clicks the “Amend” button again, they will be able to click on “view previous reports” and see the amendments made to the original med rec.


2. Start new discharge draft
If a medication needs to be discontinued or changed, providers must select “start a new discharge draft” and provide a reason. After the “accept” button is hit, the provider will be directed to a new discharge med rec draft.