Surgical care improvement SCIP

IndicatorDocumentation requirements
Appropriate prophylactic antibiotic selectionSee drug list
If prophylactic post op antibiotics ordered then must be completed withing 24 hours of anestheais end time. 48 hours for cardiac surgeryPost op antibiotics are not required but if they are ordered they must be ordered for delivery to be within the mentioned time frames. If they are ordered and scheduled past the parameters there must be clear documentation of possible or known infection
Foley catheter discontinued by post op day #2MD/APN/PA order required to maintain catheter beyond POD #2. Reasons to continue foley must be clearly documented PRIOR to end of POD #2. Example of statement: “keep foley in for I/O” or “maintain foley until morning of discharge” or “continue foley due to total bed rest”
VTE ordered and initiated within 24 hours of anesthesia end timeVTE prophylaxis must be ordered and/or applied or administered within 24 hours of anesthesia end time. Cardiac surgeries are excluded
Beta blocker therapy perioperativelyPatients on beta blocker therapy prior to arrival should receive beta-blockers within 24 hours of surgery as well as POD #1 or #2. If beta-blocker not ordered, the rational must be clearly documented for not ordering during the perioperative timeframe