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Epic Roadshow | Huntley October 29th

The Northwest Region Hospitals Epic Transition team will be hosting a Provider Roadshow on October 29, 8:00am – 2:00pm. The purpose of this roadshow is to allow providers the opportunity to stop by, ask questions, see Epic functionality and workflows, and get more information about the upcoming transition to Epic and how it will impact you.

Representatives from Training, Epic Project Leadership, Provider Leadership, as well as team members from various Epic applications will be there to provide demonstrations and answer your questions. Note, this is not a training event. However, you can get information about training enrollment, training tracks, training hours, etc.

Please plan to take a few minutes to come by the medical staff lounge and get informed!

IR Pre and Post Thrombolysis Order Set now available at McHenry and Huntley!

IR Pre / Post Thrombolysis Order Set now active and available to use for McHenry and Huntley locations.

Search title for McHenry

IR Pre-Thrombolysis M

IR Post-Thrombolysis M

Search title for Huntley

IR Pre-Thrombolysis H

IR Post-Thrombolysis H

IR Pre-Thrombolysis Order Set

IR Post-Thrombolysis Order Set

Dragon Medical One Changes

In order to better serve our physicians who utilize Dragon Medical One (DMO), NM is consolidating consoles across the health system. With this direction, NM Information Services will be consolidating Centegra’s console into NM’s console, effective March 28th, 2019

All current licenses will be transferred over, along with user account commands, words, and auto texts and should be a mostly seamless transition.

This change will require Powermic Mobile users to add a new profile on their mobile device prior to March 28th. The attached link outlines the steps to add this profile.

**Update** – Modifications made to Orders Sets

The following Order Sets have been modified:

Chest Pain Converting to NSTEMI Module H        Chest Pain Converting to NSTEMI Module M
Unstable Angina/Non STEMI H                                Unstable Angina/Non STEMI M
ORTHO Hip Replacement Post Op H
ORTHO Knee Replacement Post Op H

Hypothermia Order Sets MODIFIED

The hypothermia order sets have been modified to account for new criteria. Updated for McHenry and Huntley locations.

The new naming convention is as follows for all hypothermia order sets:

Targeted Temperature Mgmt TTM Pre Induct/Induct (M or H)

Targeted Temperature Mgmt TTM Maintenance (M or H)

Targeted Temperature Mgmt TTM Maint Timed Labs (M or H)

Targeted Temperature Mgmt TTM Rewarming  (M or H)