This is the most recent Antibiogram for the system.

Antibiogram 2018 2nd QTR FY 2018

A few notable points are:

  • e.coli resistance to ampicillin and ampicillin sulbactam continues to increase making use of drugs such as Unasyn unreliable for intraabdominal and GU infections. Hence it is not on the formulary.
  • Pipercillin/tazobactam remains very active against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in fact susceptibilities remain higher than with imipenem.
  • MRSA remains an increasing problem and currently almost half of all Staphyloccal isolates are oxacillin resistant.
  • Vancomycin resistant enterococcus remains relatively low.
  • Penicillin resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae is still uncommon in our area (fortunately)

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