Very Important: Phone Extension Changes Scheduled for August 21, 2015

Why are the extensions changing?

Extensions ranges need to be expanded in order to accommodate growth within the health system and to prepare for the addition of Centegra Hospital-Huntley.

Who will be affected?

All Centegra phone system users will need to start dialing seven digits to reach users within the health system instead of the current four digits.

When will this change take place?

Starting at 10 p.m, Friday, August 21st, all phone extensions including Spectralinks will be converted to seven digits.

How long will it take?

There will be a short disruption (less than five minutes) in service as the conversion takes place. Voicemail and other ancillary systems will be converted throughout the evening.

Will any numbers stay the same?

Callers will continue to use either 696 or 911 for emergencies depending on their location. You will still dial “0” to reach the switchboard operator. Patients can continue to use 6325 to order room service.

Common extensions listed below will have 4-digit short cuts.
shortcut ext

Will this affect callers from outside Centegra?

No, all the Centegra 10-digit telephone numbers will remain the same.

Will the patient phones work the same?

The patient room extensions will change to the new numbering scheme. The new patient room extensions will be 111+bed+room. However, when family members call the hospital main numbers, they can continue to dial the bed + room.

For a printable copy of the information above click here.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Maureen Olson at ext.7598202 or 815-759-8202.