Updates to HPF

Coming January 2nd there are several updates to HPF (Horizon Patient Folder), the patient document application, coming to Centegra. These updates are designed to improve the user experience.

Cleaner tabs

Tabs have been cleaned up to be consistent and meaningful. There will be four tabs.

  • Full Medical Record – to look for everything
  • Physician documents – This is the tab that most physicians will spend greater than 90% of their time
  • Diagnostics – This tab will have less common diagnostic studies such as EMG, evoked potentials etc will appear here. This will make it easier to find a study if it was done in the past without going through every admission.
  • ED – This is for physician offices to quickly see ED visits.


Document order

The order in which document folders appear will now be in the order in which most physicians would review a chart.

  1. ED notes
  2. History and physical
  3. Consultations
  4. Progress notes
  5. Operative notes
  6. Pathology (yes; now path reports are next to the procedure!)
  7. Discharge summaries

Similar documents from different sources such as templates and transcription will still be in separate folders by now they will appear in adjacent folders. This should improve speed and accuracy of the review.

  • Folders ending in “P” are coming from Paragon templates a.k.a Physdoc
  • Folders ending in “_C” are transcribed documents


Naming of progress notes

  • Progress notes will now be names by the following convention

    Date Time Author-Name
  • Progress notes will be in reverse chronological order and not by author.

  • Documents can be navigated by using the “page down” key to move from the current document to the prior document by time.

Diagnostics tab

Less common diagnositics will be filed here (they can always be found in the “Medical Record” tab). This should allow users to find less frequently ordered diagnostics quickly. This should help avoid repeating tests such as echo etc that may have been done recently.


Many more updates to come in the near future.