Upcoming scheduled Paragon downtime

In the ongoing effort to continue to improve Paragon there is a scheduled upgrade to version 11.2.413 on Tuesday, September 17 starting at 9:30pm. 

Paragon will be unavailable from 9:30 pm, Tuesday, September 17 until approximately 7 am, Wednesday, September 18.

Paper-based downtime processes and charting will be necessary as Paragon will be unavailable during the downtime window.

In order to prepare for downtime, here is some important information:

  • Nursing Units must complete the 9 pm medication pass prior to 9:30 pm
  • Paper MARs will be distributed prior to the downtime by Pharmacy to be used during the overnight downtime period
  • All orders for AM Testing (such as labs) must be entered by 9:00 pm
  • Anyone who can log directly into HPF will be able to do so during the downtime
  • Nursing floors should complete manual charge tickets for bedside procedures; these must be input after Paragon is live
  • All orders must be paper based during the downtime and distributed to appropriate locations as we did during Go Live (ie fax)

After the patch installation is complete:

  • Registration will backload downtime registrations (Erin Anderson)
  • Nursing units will be responsible to validate their inpatient census. Nursing Site Leaders please send confirmation email to Judy Andronowitz when census validation is complete (Jeff Hummel and Jeannine Nosko)
  • Nursing will need to process any transfers or discharges that occurred during the downtime period (Jeff Hummel and Jeannine Nosko)
  • Any other necessary clinical data backloading to be determined by clinical team
  • An email notification and overhead page will be done when Paragon is back up and available
  • Downtime medication charging process per Pharmacy (Kevin Meurlott)