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Centegra moves to Smith & Nephew for negative pressure wound care

Centegra has decided to convert to Smith&Nephew RENASYS Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.  Results of the evaluation were very positive, Wound Team and Physicians responses were also positive.  Smith & Nephew RENASYS™ product line provides you, the ability to choose the product right for your patients.

On April 30th the Value Analysis Steering committee recommended a conversion from the KCI Wound VAC to the Smith and Nephew RENASYS NPWT.  Smith and Nephew will work diligently to provide education to key surgeons, clinicians, nursing staff and identified departments. The Go-Live for full conversion will begin in July.

Smith & Nephew brings you new options for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. The RENASYS GO, RENASYS EZ Plus, PICO pumps and the option to choose either the RENASYS-F/P dressing kit which includes a foam interface or the RENASYS-G/P dressing kit which includes a gauze interface.

RENASYS and PICO provide:

  • S&N has guaranteed  devices for all of our patients who need them, including self pay and charity cases hassle free
  • Streamlined technology with a full range of pressure settings
  • Quiet operation, multiple alarms and safety features
  • Ease of Use
  • Soft PORT technology,
  • Seamless discharge program
  • Intuitive design, to help reduce the risk of medical errors
  • Cost Savings
  • PICO canister free, single use negative pressure wound therapy
– Dr. Aaron Schwaab
Medical Director Wound Care Center