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Paragon 13: Clinician Hub May 17, 2016

Paragon 13 went live on May 17, 2016

The physician module of Paragon has been upgraded to The Clinician Hub. This is a major upgrade for our providers that offers enhancements to improve workflow.

Click on the link below for a guide on how to use The Clinician Hub:

Clinician Hub User Guide

Please reach out to Michael Millare or Sue McMullen at (815)759-4330 for training and more information.

Updates to HPF

Coming January 2nd there are several updates to HPF (Horizon Patient Folder), the patient document application, coming to Centegra. These updates are designed to improve the user experience.

Cleaner tabs

Tabs have been cleaned up to be consistent and meaningful. There will be four tabs.

  • Full Medical Record – to look for everything
  • Physician documents – This is the tab that most physicians will spend greater than 90% of their time
  • Diagnostics – This tab will have less common diagnostic studies such as EMG, evoked potentials etc will appear here. This will make it easier to find a study if it was done in the past without going through every admission.
  • ED – This is for physician offices to quickly see ED visits.


Document order

The order in which document folders appear will now be in the order in which most physicians would review a chart.

  1. ED notes
  2. History and physical
  3. Consultations
  4. Progress notes
  5. Operative notes
  6. Pathology (yes; now path reports are next to the procedure!)
  7. Discharge summaries

Similar documents from different sources such as templates and transcription will still be in separate folders by now they will appear in adjacent folders. This should improve speed and accuracy of the review.

  • Folders ending in “P” are coming from Paragon templates a.k.a Physdoc
  • Folders ending in “_C” are transcribed documents


Naming of progress notes

  • Progress notes will now be names by the following convention

    Date Time Author-Name 
  • Progress notes will be in reverse chronological order and not by author.

  • Documents can be navigated by using the “page down” key to move from the current document to the prior document by time.

Diagnostics tab

Less common diagnositics will be filed here (they can always be found in the “Medical Record” tab). This should allow users to find less frequently ordered diagnostics quickly. This should help avoid repeating tests such as echo etc that may have been done recently.


Many more updates to come in the near future.

Discontinue vs Cancel req – Paragon

What is the difference?


Type Discontinue order Cancel req
When? Submitted orders, active orders that have a future request unsubmitted orders, add pending, change pending, hold pending- basically orders that have not been processed
What cannot be cancelled Single execute orders that have been completed cannot be discontinued Single orders that have been processed
Radiology DO NOT USE cancel radiology orders that have not been executed
Dietary dietary orders that have been processed diet orders that are pending processing

Medication reconciliation – a Paragon user manual


  • Medication reconcilliation (med rec) is not just a regulatory requirement but is an essential safety procedure. It ensures that the current medication list is consistent with the planed list. Med rec should be done on admission, change in level of care during an admission and on discharge.
  • Every hospital stay will have one admission and one discharge med rec but may have many transfer med recs
  • Every modern EMR has a med rec process as does McKesson Paragon
  • Med rec does not have to be completed by one provider or all at the same time. Partially completed med rec can be saved as a Draft. This allows admitting and consulting physicians to verify the med rec prior to discharge or transfer.
  • Continue reading

Changing dosing frequency – Paragon

If the desired dose and/or frequency of the drug is not easily available remember that you can have full access to these by clicking on “edit full order”.

Continue reading

Adding an addendum to a progress note – Paragon

An addendum progress note can be added to a signed note by clicking the “add addendum” button while in the open signed note. Continue reading

Adding a covering physician – Paragon

Setting up a coverage list takes a few steps. Though seemingly complicated at first it can be very flexible. Continue reading

Bring your own computer – Paragon

I have been getting more interest from clinicians wanting to bring their own computers to the hospital. Though there are many advantages to using your own computer it is by no means mandatory.
Some tips for those interested:

  • It is okay to bring your own computer. Both Windows and Macs work.
  • Though you may physically be in the hospital you will login as though you were outside the building i.e. remote access.
  • Log on to the GuestMD wifi network, contact support for the password.
  • go to https://access.centegra.com. The link to remote access is on this website under Doctor -> Remote Access Paragon
  • login as usual

This will create a secure encrypted VPN tunnel to paragon
For more detail on remote access including information on downloading and installing Citrix.

Radiology viewer in now online – Paragon

Radiology studies can now be viewed in Paragon.

Go to Results → Radiology

Then click on the camera icon next to the study under the “Img” column or if in a report the camera icon in the upper left hand corner.

Radiology iconThis should launch a viewer similar to the one below. The controls are on the left hand column. Click on the image below to see an enlarged view.

PACS viewer paragon