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Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter

PT Newsletter 15.6 091715PT

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.5

PT Newsletter 15.5 062515PT

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.2

PT Newsletter 15.2 112014PT

Discontinuation of Anticoagulants Prior to Surgery

Anticoagulants. Discontinuation Prior to Surgery 042915

Newer Anticoagulants

Newer Anticoagulants 0115

Calcium Chloride Injection Shortage

Calcium Chloride syringes and vials are on backorder until mid-December. With reduced supply, pharmacy would like to reserve supply for use in code trays. At this time, P&T has approved the following substitution during the shortage:


Pharmacy is being alerted to begin this substitution for orders received that are outside of code situations. If there is a definite need to use Calcium Chloride injection on a patient, please discuss the need and availability with pharmacy so that auto-substitution does not take place. Please be aware that pharmacy has limited supply of the Calcium Chloride.

Pharmacy Transition of Care Services Order Set

Starting September 1, 2015 a new order set will be available in which providers can put in an order for various pharmacy services for their patients upon discharge. The “Pharmacy Transition of Care Services” order set will have the three orders below:

Phrarmacy Transition of Care Services

  • Pharmacist to Provide Medication Counseling at Discharge– MTM Pharmacist follows up with discharge counseling and provides clear medication list.
  • Dispense Prescriptions at the Bedside before Discharge if the patient chooses to utilize Centegra Care Connections Pharmacy – Transition Specialist is notified to visit the patient and collect the prescriptions.
  • Pharmacist to Provide Follow Up Counseling 1-3 days after Discharge – Centegra Retail Pharmacist is notified to contact the patient after discharge to address any medication compliance issues.

For any questions or concerns please reach out to the physician support liaisons at 815-759-4330.

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.4

Below is the P&T Newsletter as approved April 2015

PT Newsletter 15.4 042315PT

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.3

Below is the P&T Newsletter as approved by Committee February 2015

PT Newsletter 15.3 022515PT

List of antibiotics restricted to ID approval

  • Ceftaroline (TEFLARO) – Non formulary
  • Liposomal Amphotericin (AMBISOME) – Formulary
  • Daptomycin (CUBICIN) – Non formulary
  • Linezolid (ZYVOX) – Formulary
  • Voriconazole (VFEND) – Formulary
  • Imipenem (PRIMAXIN) – Formulary
  • Gancyclovir (CYTOVENE) – Non formulary
  • Tigecycline (TYGACIL) – Non Formulary
  • Doripenem (DORIBAX) – Non Formulary