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IT Tip of the Week: Password Changes

Every 90 days you are required to change your password. Most users will receive notification up to 14 days in advance. To avoid issues with your access, it is important to not let your access expire – do not wait until the last minute. It is strongly encouraged that you change your password when you are on-site and connected to the Centegra network, as soon as you begin to receive notices.

To initiate a password change while remote, log onto https://access.centegra.com. Click on the “Password management” link to update your password, then log-out of https://access.centegra.com and log-in with the updated password.


Be sure to provide responses to “Answer Personal Questions” in P-Synch (http://passwords.centegra.com) – this will help ensure that you are always able to reset your password yourself.


Did you know even if you’ve forgotten your password (i.e. can’t even login to a PC) but have answered 4 security questions, you can change your password “without calling the helpdesk”? Here’s how:

  1. Login to Windows on “any Centegra PC” as user “help” (no password needed).  Password website will automatically pop up.
  2. Authenticate by answering “3 security questions”.
  3. Change your password.
  4. Logoff from Windows (as user “help”).
  5. Login to Windows with your login and password.

Michael Millare and Sue McMullen are available for any questions via email or phone (815)759-4330.