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Signing off on deficiencies in MPF

Signing dictations

Dictated reports must be verified and signed off by the practitioner. These are instructions to sign off these reports.

Deficiencies tab

Click on the deficiencies tab to bring up the list of deficiencies. Instructions for remote login are found here.

Deficiency list

This view has a list of the current deficiencies and their status.

  1. Click on an unsigned document to activate the list
  2. Click on "process" to start the signoff process

Authentication box

User will be presented with a box to enter your PIN number. It is your physician ID number. Then click "Ok"

Sign each page

  1. Each unsigned document will be opened.
  2. Review the document and make edits where needed.
  3. Make sure to correct any blanks
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to activate the "complete" button.
  5. Clicking the complete button will advance to the next unsigned document.
  6. User will be taken to the main screen when all the documents are signed.

Access MPF during Paragon Downtime

Did you know that you can access the patient chart, MPF during Paragon downtime?

Just launch Internet Explorer from any Centegra workstation and go to favorites => Centegra Internet Applications => MPF OneContent.

The username is password is the same as your Paragon login.

NOTE: Remember to set the domain to Centegra.

This will give you access to patient chart such as H&P, consults and progress notes.

Multiple Applications Downtime

Paragon, MPF, ChartScript and multiple other applications will not be available from 9:30pm Saturday 04/25/2015 through 5:30am Sunday 04/26/2015 (See list below)

Dictated reports will continue to be transcribed while the applications are not available. Please call Precyse at 888-840 4983 to request an urgently needed report be faxed during the downtime.

  • ChartScript
  • CPA
  • Dragon
  • Endo Tool
  • HPF / MPF
  • Midas
  • Muse (EKG)
  • NextGen
  • Paragon
  • Physician Portal(remote access)
  • Sunquest
  • SunQuest Lab
  • Systoc
  • Citrix
  • Outlook

Pharmacy Note

The Pharmacy Note is now available for review. A patient whose home medication list has been verified by a pharmacist will have a note that will populate in Webstation for Physicians/MPF.


  • Home medication list that is verified with the patient
  • Reported issues and recommendations by the Pharmacist

You can find this note in the Documentation section of Webstation for Physicians or MPF (formerly HPF)



For any questions or concerns about the document please contact the physician support liaisons at (815)759-4330.

Locked Deficiencies

If you see the icon below (the pencil with the red line through it) it signifies that the Deficiency has been locked and you will be unable to edit or sign that deficiency.


To prevent a deficiency from locking:

  • Sign off on all deficiencies in one sitting.


  • If opting to edit and or sign a deficiency at a later time click on the Tasklist button to exit the deficiency processing window. Clicking on the Tasklist button will properly log you off the Deficiencies processing page and will prevent the locking of that deficiency.


Please contact the Physician Support Liaisons at (815)759-4330 for any questions or concerns.

HPF Downtime

HPF will be DOWN from:


Sunday, November 2, 4:00pm


Monday, November 3, 7:00am

(15 Hours)

Purpose: Horizon Patient Folder (HPF) is being upgraded to McKesson Patient Folder (MPF).

Transcribed History and Physicals, Progress Notes and Consults will be auto-printed on nursing units through the weekend for availability during the MPF upgrade downtime.

For information about MPF click here.