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Paragon 13: Clinician Hub May 17, 2016

Paragon 13 went live on May 17, 2016

The physician module of Paragon has been upgraded to The Clinician Hub. This is a major upgrade for our providers that offers enhancements to improve workflow.

Click on the link below for a guide on how to use The Clinician Hub:

Clinician Hub User Guide

Please reach out to Michael Millare or Sue McMullen at (815)759-4330 for training and more information.

Clinician Hub Paragon 13: Census

Early 2016 we will be upgrading to a new version of our EMR. The Clinician Hub will be replacing WebStation for Physicians. Below is a preview of what the Clinician Hub Census will look like.

Please reach out to the EMR Physician Support Liaisons for any demos, questions, or concerns and stay tuned for class schedules.