Shortage of VQ scan tracer

We wish to inform you there is a disruption to the current Nuclear Medicine supply chain. Effective immediately, there is a stock out situation at the sole manufacturer of MAA (macro aggregated albumin), which is used to perform V/Q lung scans. The company anticipates having commercial supply available mid-October.

Fortunately, since best practice is to use CT pulmonary angiography for the vast majority of clinical situations where image evaluation for suspected pulmonary embolism is needed, we anticipate that this shortage should have limited impact.

Please feel free to contact any of the Radiologists, at 815-759-4262, to discuss clinical alternatives.

We will provide communication one we have confirmation the shortage has ended.

We appreciate your understanding during this experience.

Thank you.

Philip Gilroy, M.D. – McHenry Radiologist and Imaging Associates

John Heinrich – Director, Medical Imaging