Remember: dictation helps physicians and patients

Dictate notes in addition to Paragon

Physicians are encouraged to continue dictating notes, in addition to fulfilling Paragon Electronic Hospital Medical Record requirements. Dictated notes contain more robust documentation to support medical necessity and severity of illness. The benefits of dictated H&P, progress notes, consultations and operative notes are as follows:

  • Improved communication to your colleagues, which is evidence-based best practice for better patient care and outcomes
  • Makes documentation more complete, more succinct, faster and easier
  • Ensures adequate documentation of the essential components to support your E/M codes
  • Facilitates accurate hospital coding and helps prevent inadvertent down-coding or fraudulent up-coding
  • Defends medical necessity

For more information, please contact Linnea Thennes, supervisor of clinical documentation improvement for Centegra Health System. She may be reached by calling 815-759-8193 or emailing