Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service

Behavioral Health Consultants in the Care Coordination Department will partner alongside our Inpatient Psychiatric Service to more readily serve our patients. The Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service (formerly Behavioral Health Consultants) will work in conjunction with our psychiatrists to assess for risk, place hold orders, patient safety companion orders and determine appropriate level of care. The goal is to create a service that mimics our ED structure which relies on the collaboration between our Crisis Associates and ED Physicians with telephonic psychiatric support to serve this population. This shift in process allows for 7 day a week coverage with no gaps in psychiatric service by utilizing the Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service as an extension of the Psychiatric Service by both improving the care for our patients on our inpatient units and affecting our throughput efforts.

Starting Monday June 8, 2015 there will be changes to multiple order sets in Paragon.

The Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service order will be replacing the following orders:

  • Behavioral Health Consult
  • CD Evaluation
  • Psychiatry Consult (Add Instructions: MD and Reason)

Multiple order sets will be impacted by this change. Most used order sets affected:

  • OB – Labor and Delivery Admission; Adult
  • OB – Postpartum Admission; Adult
  • Behavioral Health Admission; Adult
  • OB – Cesarean Section, Post Op; Adult
  • Hold Order
  • Alcohol Withdrawal; Adult Module
  • OB – Cesarean Section, Pre Op; Adult
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Adult Module
  • Bariatric Surgery Admission
  • Bariatric Discharge Orders
  • Ischemic Stroke; Adult
  • Heart Failure Admission; Adult
  • Opiate Withdrawal; Adult Module
  • OB – General Admission; Adult

**If these order sets were previously on your favorite orders list then they will need to be added back to that list**

All the order sets affected can be found here.