Paragon CPOE Issues Reporting Procedure

In an effort to improve CPOE medication order selection as well as reduce the risk of medication events, confusion and frustration with medication order entry through Paragon CPOE; clinicians are requested to report issues or concerns immediately to the Department of Pharmacy services. The mechanism for reporting problematic CPOE medication orders to pharmacy is an e-mail to Please provide appropriate detail including issues with drug name, dosage form, dose and dose mode, route, frequency, duration, schedule or other order entry problems encountered.

Paragon CPOE medication orders are categorized into one of two groups: OV or RX.
OV is Orderview which is populated with medication order selections from a third party called First Data Bank (FDB). RX is Centegra specific order sets built by Centegra pharmacists. RX orders will be reviewed and corrected locally through Centegra’s orders revision processes. OV orders will be reported to McKesson and FDB for appropriate follow-up. The Department of Pharmacy services will maintain a running log of reported issues for the purpose of communicating status and resolution follow-up.

To report a CPOE issue regarding medications please email

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