Ordering Labs: Getting the AM labs ordered

Please refrain from putting in frequency instructions in the instruction box. Instead, choose the appropriate frequency from the “Frequency” drop down box.

In AM 05 tomorrow only:

For a lab that you want to order for the next morning, please pick the “In AM 05 tomorrow only” frequency. This will ensure that the draw happens the next morning. Adding instructions in the “Instructions” box for the lab to be done the next morning does not guarantee the lab will be drawn at that time unless the frequency is changed. Please pick the frequency “In the AM 05 tomorrow only” for a lab you want for the next day.

Daily in AM:

For a lab that you would like daily, please pick the “Daily in AM” frequency. When selecting the “Daily in AM” frequency, please DO NOT edit the start date and time. The start date will default to the next morning and the time will default to 0500. Editing the start date and time when selecting Daily in AM may result in a delay in the lab being carried out. If you would only like the lab to be carried out a specific number of days, please enter the number of days you would like the lab to be carried out in the “# Days:” section.

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Michael Millare and Prapti Desai are available for any questions via email or phone (815)759-4330.