Note to the medical/dental staff

Doctor’s Week was April 1 through 5, and it gave us an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the important role that physicians play within our health system and community. I continue to be impressed with the talent of our medical staff and our continued collaboration to improve our health system. Through this collaboration, we continue to improve our outcomes and our ability to care for patients.

Paragon EMR go live occurred the week of May 6. While this is an Board of Governors Portraits 2009extremely challenging change process, our organization continues to adapt through focused support efforts by our leaders, associates and Paragon partners. Our medical staff is progressing well through this change, and I would like to specifically thank Dr. Robin Purdy, CMIO and the physician champions who have served as main contacts for physicians related to Paragon. Physician champions are Drs. Rahil Baxamusa, Corey Black, Terry Bugno, Dan Campagna, Irfan Hafiz, Tim Havenhill, Kevin Horcher, Karen Judy, Ted Lorenc, Kumar Nathan, Albi Qeli, Ty Stein, Makaramullah Syed and Yvonne Yao.  They have put in countless hours providing input and offering Paragon support to the physicians.

With summer just around the corner, there are many exciting programs and events planned at Centegra Health System. We hope to see you at some of the upcoming events:

  • July 24-25, 2013: CME Opportunity – Summer Clinical Symposium on Infectious Disease
  • September 20, 2013: Physician Appreciation Event, Boulder Ridge Country Club
  • October 23 and 24, 2013: CME Opportunity – Fall Hot Topics

Best wishes for a healthy and happy summer season.


Jason Sciarro

President and Chief Operating Officer