Links to healthcare statistics

healthcare statistics links


New links to sites that have published publicly available healthcare statistics have been added under “links” in the menubar above. These sites have revealing information on the costs and benefits of healthcare across america and are driving the debate on healthcare reform. At the core the the high variability in access, cost and outcomes in healthcare. Notably is the disconnect between cost of healthcare and outcomes. Read on for more information.

  • Crimson: access to personal outcome data, this does require a sign on. Contact me if you would like access
  • Hospital compare: A CMS website on publicly available information on hospital outcomes.
  •  Choosing wisely: An ABIM website that is collating guidelines for various conditions. It also provides information on treatments that are the most cost effective.
  • Dartmouth atlas of healthcare: database of healthcare access, costs and outcomes across america.
  • Commonwealth fund: addressing the issue or a high performance health system
  • County Health rankings: Site with healthcare ranking down to the county level