Duplicate Labs

Providers will receive a Duplicate Order message when they order certain labs that have already been ordered within a specific period of time under the same visit ID.

The duplicate message does not appear if the test is ordered under a different visit. For example, if a patient has a Hepatitis Panel test done today and comes in again after getting discharged within 2 months, a duplicate message will not show up if a Hepatitis Panel is ordered on that next visit.

The list below displays the test and the frequency timeframe for the Duplicate notification to occur.

Duplicate Labs

If a caregiver ordered HGBA1C on 5/6/14 and if the same lab is ordered within 30 days under the same visit, a “Duplicate Interaction Found” message window is displayed.

Duplicate Labs1

Because HGBA1C was already ordered within a 30 day period, the message below appeared. The caregiver has the option of Overriding or Correcting the order. The Caregiver can also Cancel the order by clicking “Correct Order.”

Duplicate Labs2

By clicking “Correct Order”, the original order will show up. The caregiver then can edit the date for the order and submit it, or “Cancel Order”.

Duplicate Labs3

The screen below will appear when “Override” is selected. The caregiver should type in the reason for Override and click “Save”. Clicking “Save” will submit the order.

Duplicate Labs4

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