Duplicate Lab Order Notification

When ordering certain labs in Paragon, the system will now inform the user if the same lab has been ordered within a certain timeframe in hopes of eliminating duplicate labs.

If the same lab is ordered within a certain timeframe of the patient’s stay, the “Duplicate Interactions Found” window will appear. This window will inform the user that the lab has been ordered. Under the “Reason” section the user can see the timeframe in which the lab was ordered.

Duplicatelabs3Click Picture to Enlarge

Clicking “Correct Order” allows the user to cancel the duplicate lab order. Once the user hits “Correct Order”, they will be directed back to the order detail screen where the duplicate lab order can be cancelled.

Duplicatelabs2Click Picture to Enlarge

Clicking “Override” will allow the user to order the lab. The user must provide a reason why the same lab is being ordered within a certain timeframe.

Duplicatelabs1Click Picture to Enlarge

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For a full list of the duplicate lab timeframes click here.