Decentralized pharmacy services

At the end of this month, the Department of Pharmacy Services will modernize, advance, and personalize the way that pharmacy clinical functions are provided at Centegra Hospital – McHenry. Dedicated floor pharmacists will be assigned to decentralized services on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors Monday through Friday 0700-1530. The pharmacists who will be providing decentralized clinical services are Dimple Patel, Pharm. D. who will mostly cover the 5th floor, and Dale Christensen, Pharm. D. and Samantha Tasic, Pharm. D. , who will be assigned to the 6th and 7th floors. Their principal responsibilities will be to manage clinical pharmacy protocols, engage antimicrobial stewardship, provide drug information and in-services to medical and nursing staff, participate in patient care rounding, provide direct patient care through patient teaching, counseling and medication reconciliation, and maintain a consistent presence for general consulting and enhanced access.

This is an exciting time for Centegra and the Department of Pharmacy. We hope that you notice pharmacy’s presence on these units and welcome our pharmacists as you encounter them.

Please note contact information for the decentralized floor pharmacists:

Dimple Patel, Pharm. D.: Office: 815-759-4508. Page 815-903-6042
Christensen, Pharm. D. and Samantha Tasic, Pharm. D.: Office: 815-759-4256. Page: 815-903-6032

-Scott Padjen CHS Director of Pharmacy