Creating a linked order – Advanced paragon tip

Creating a linked order is helpful when you would like to initiate an order after the first order is completed. I find this useful for fluids. I realize that it does involve several steps but can be really useful and avoids excessive use of the comments field.

In the example below I will give a 1L bolus followed by fluids at 100mL/hr.

  • First order both the fluids as usual and save them. Do not submit. Do make sure that the first order has a dose limit on it. This is the end time where you would like the second order to kick in. In this example I set it to 1 hour. That is the time for the 1L bolus.
  • Then click on the RX Relationships button from the Order Queue screen.
  • Then click on the AND THEN Relationship (chained) button
  • You will be presented with a list of the unsubmitted orders. Check them off in the order that you would like them to be executed in. In this case I selected the 999mL/hr first and then the 100mL/hr.
  • This should be the next screen.
  • Once confirmed you should see the two orders linked like this. Confirming the orders are linked.
  • You should be taken back to the main orders screen where the orders can now be submitted.