Clipping data to the progress note – Paragon

  • Data such as labs, orders, vitals, I & O can be clipped for later pasting into a progress note.
  • Last 24 vitals and current med list are automatically added to the standard progress note.
  • Just click on the items you would like to add to your progress note as you are reviewing the item. Note labs can only be clipped when in the “trend” view.

labs in trend view

  • In trend view the item can be clipped by clicking on it

clipping labs

  • Similarly orders can be added to the progress note by selecting the “clipboard” from the CPOE menu.

clipping orders


clipboard orders 2

  • Now that all the items are clipped. Open a new documentation template and select the past icon to automatically paste the clipped items to the respective subheadings. NOTE: you cannot manually add clipped items various parts of the note.

paste clips