Changing dosing frequency – Paragon

If the desired dose and/or frequency of the drug is not easily available remember that you can have full access to these by clicking on “edit full order”.

edit full order

  • Changing the dose and units is obvious in this screen.
  • Changing frequency may not be as evident. If the dropdown list does not have the desired frequency then click the “X” to clear the current frequency.
  • clear frequency

  • Enter the desired frequency and then click the right arrow to search for it.
  • dosing frequency

  • Some of the acceptable freqencies include:
    • Everyday at bedtime
    • Everyday
    • Every day at bedtime
    • Every day at morning and bedtime
    • 2 times per day
    • 3 times per day
    • Every 24 hours
    • Every 12 hours
    • Every 8 hours
    • Every 2 hours
    • Every 24 hours
    • Once
  • When in doubt try to search with “every”
  • Don’t use:
    • Three times per day
    • Two times per day
  • Remember stat orders have a check box, but for safety verbally inform the nurse for all stats
  • stat order