MPF Tips & Tricks

Changing default sort order in MPF

Some users may see a new default sort order. This default sort order can be changed to match a familiar paper chart as shown below by following the steps on this page.

MPF sort order

Switching between Encounter# and Document Type Viewing

To view documents from a specific visit, click on “Encounter#”.

To view documents for all visits (i.e. all H&P’s that have been dictated on a patient or medical imaging studies that have been conducted), click on “Document Type”.


A physician also has the option of picking “Encounter# (DocType-Subtitle-Doctate)”. This view will show the dictating physician without having to click into the note.


Signing Deficiencies

To invoke the “Process All” function that was available in HPF, double click on the first deficiency. After the pin is entered, deficiencies will pop up one by one for authentication.