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Adding Patients to your Census in Paragon 13

Did you know that in Paragon 13 physicians can search for any patient in the organization and add that patient to their census. Then they can start documenting or CPOE.

How to add patient to your census

  1. Search for the patient
  2. Click on “assignments” under the patient name
  3. Then adding yourself to the census

How to document in the correct encounter using Paragon 13.x

Documenting using physdocs on the wrong patient encounter will result in inaccurate documentation. Please make sure you document in the correct encounter.

Find the patient

Find your patient using the earch function in the upper right hand corner

Include all patients in the search

If the patient is discharged then make sure the “include active only” is unchecked.

Look for additional encounters

If your patient has additional encounters they will show up as “additional visits” in the lower right hand corner of the card.

Open list of encounters

Clicking on the “additional encounters” link will open all the additional encounters for that patient. Individual encounters can be opened by clicking on the patient name in the encounter.

Paragon 13 Upgrade: Medical Office Staff & Other Remote Access Users

On May 17, 2016 we will be upgrading to Paragon 13. Webstation for Physicians will be replaced by The Clinician Hub.

Click on the guide below for directions on how to pull up patients, notes, and results.

Paragon Clinician Hub Remote Access Guide

Paragon 13: Clinician Hub May 17, 2016

Paragon 13 went live on May 17, 2016

The physician module of Paragon has been upgraded to The Clinician Hub. This is a major upgrade for our providers that offers enhancements to improve workflow.

Click on the link below for a guide on how to use The Clinician Hub:

Clinician Hub User Guide

Please reach out to Michael Millare or Sue McMullen at (815)759-4330 for training and more information.

Paragon 13: Clinician Hub Training

The Clinician Hub will be replacing Paragon Webstation for Physicians. This upgrade provides enhancements to the physician workflow.

Please reach out to Michael Millare or Sue McMullen at (815)759-4330 to set up a training session. Stay tuned for more classroom training.

Scheduled Downtime for Paragon January 20, 2016

Paragon will be unavailable starting at 10:00pm Wednesday January 20, 2016 until 06:00am Thursday January 21, 2016 for server patching.

MPF will be available during the downtime. Click here for directions on how to access MPF outside of Paragon.