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Bacitracin 50,000 Unit SHORTAGE

To: Physicians

From: Alan Mader, PharmD, BCPS
Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator
Centegra Health System, Pharmacy
Date: March 14, 2018
Re: Bacitracin 50,000 Unit SHORTAGE

This is to alert you to the current shortage of Bacitracin 50,000 units which is used for irrigation. One manufacturer indicates that supply may become available at the end of March. Others indicate June. At this time, Pharmacy anticipates depletion of our stock within one week. Please consider the use of other products for irrigation, such as cefazolin or plain saline irrigation.

Thank you.

Potassium Chloride Injection Shortage

We have been alerted by Pfizer Inc. that Potassium Chloride Injection will experience a supply interruption due to Hurricane Maria and the inability of their other manufacturing plants to keep up with demand. The Pharmaceutical Purchasing Group at CHS checks for supply on a daily basis. While we expect some supply to arrive this week, our stock is very low at this time. Please consider the use of oral potassium products wherever possible. Potassium Acetate and Potassium Phosphate riders are an alternative in appropriate patients. In addition, Large Volume Parenteral Products (D5% – 0.2% NS with KCL, D5%-0.45% with KCL and D5% – 0.9% NS with KCL) are other alternatives.

Thank you for your assistance during this shortage.

DOBUTamine Shortage 11.15.17


There is a nationwide shortage on DOBUTamine 500 mg/250 mL IVPB.  At present consumption, we expect CHS has about a 12 day supply.  We may continue to receive backordered quantity, but we cannot rely on this.  Please be aware of this shortage and consider alternatives as our supply depletes.

Thank you,

Alan Mader, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Coordinator

Department of Pharmacy Services

Centegra Health System