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Potassium Chloride Injection Shortage UPDATE 7.30.18

Potassium Chloride Injection Shortage – although product is still in short supply, Centegra pharmacies have been successful in obtaining supply.  The manufacturer expects release on 8/23/18.  At this time, we estimate we have at least a 4-week supply and can now begin using without restriction.

How to document in the correct encounter using Paragon 13.x

Documenting using physdocs on the wrong patient encounter will result in inaccurate documentation. Please make sure you document in the correct encounter.

Find the patient

Find your patient using the earch function in the upper right hand corner

Include all patients in the search

If the patient is discharged then make sure the “include active only” is unchecked.

Look for additional encounters

If your patient has additional encounters they will show up as “additional visits” in the lower right hand corner of the card.

Open list of encounters

Clicking on the “additional encounters” link will open all the additional encounters for that patient. Individual encounters can be opened by clicking on the patient name in the encounter.

Current drug shortages now added to this website

Current drug shortages will be available under Clinical-> Pharmacy-> Drug shortages.

The link is also available under quicklinks in the right sidebar for desktop users.

Centegra Hospital Huntley Phone Directory is Online

The Centegra Hospital Huntley (CHH) phone directory is now available from the main menubar under “Phonebook”. The link is also available from the right sided quicklinks menu for desktop users and also from this link here

Clinical Protocols added – New section

A new section for clinical protocols has been added to this website. It is located Clinical => Clinical protocols

This can also be accessed through Paragon 13 by going to the links menu

Accessing policies and procedures

Intranet portal

Did you know that the CHS intranet is a resource for internal clinical information such as policies and procedures?

Just type in your search in the search box on the home page.

You will see a list of available documents

Clicking on any result will open the document.

The Intranet is available from any computer on the Centegra internal network. It is the default home page for the installed browsers.

Access MPF during Paragon Downtime

Did you know that you can access the patient chart, MPF during Paragon downtime?

Just launch Internet Explorer from any Centegra workstation and go to favorites => Centegra Internet Applications => MPF OneContent.

The username is password is the same as your Paragon login.

NOTE: Remember to set the domain to Centegra.

This will give you access to patient chart such as H&P, consults and progress notes.

Centegramedsource improvements has become an important resource for our clinicians. In an effort to make the site more useful we have been hard at work with some under-the-hood performance upgrades. We hope you find the navigation of the site faster thereby making it more useful.

Tip: Remember that it looks nice on mobile devices as well.

Centegra Health Ahead podcast

The first episode of the Centegra Health Ahead podcast is now available on iTunes. The goal of the podcast is to raise awareness of health related issues for our community.

This inaugural episode covers lung cancer screening, guidelines to reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke and raises awareness of metabolic syndrome.

Estimate your risks of a cardiovascular event by using this calculator


Physician appreciation survey results

Last week we did put out our first online poll. It was to get feedback on preferences for the next Physician appreciation dinner. We asked about format, awards and location preferences.

Here are the results of that poll.

  • Most preferred to have cocktails instead of a sit down dinner
  • Most preferred to continue with the recognition awards
  • Most respondents either were ambivalent or preferred to keep the venue in McHenry county

This was the largest sample for any recent poll conducted. Stay tuned for other polls in the future.