Anticoagulant Hold Order for Lumbar Puncture

A new, pre-checked, order has been added to the Lumbar Puncture Convenience Orders module. Within this order contains directions for holding an anticoagulant.

This will alert the pharmacist to hold anticoagulation prior to lumbar puncture.


Suggested holding of anticoagulants before and after epidural/lumbar puncture:

  • Enoxaparin: hold 24 hours before. For prophylactic dosing (30 or 40 mg daily) 12 hours after; for treatmen(1mg/kg) dosing 24 hours afterward
  • Coumadin: hold 5 days before (and INR must be
  • Heparin suggested: hold 8 hours before and 2 hours after finish
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix): hold 7 days before no restrictions after
  • Aspirin: no restrictions

Please stay tuned as we add the hold order to other order sets in the system.

Please contact the EMR Physician Liaisons at (815)759-4330 for any questions or concerns.