Adding a covering physician – Paragon

Setting up a coverage list takes a few steps. Though seemingly complicated at first it can be very flexible.

Some points:

  • Physicians in the same group do NOT need to set up coverage. Just search under “Group”
  • Physicians that are not in the same group can set up coverage from other physicians.
  • The system allows a clinician to set who has access to their list and for which days.
  • For security reasons a clinician is the only one who can give access to another clinician.
  • Coverage is NOT automatically reciprocated. Both physicians must give access to each other.
  • Coverage can be given to several clinicians at the same time each with its own set of dates.

To set up coverage follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Covering tab #1 and then search for the clinician that you want to authorize coverage #2.

Covering 1

2. Check the box next to the name of the found physician listing #3 and click the “add to covering” button #4.

covering 2

3. The added clinician name will appear in the “Covering for …” list

Covering 3

4. Set the date range for coverage. If you would like the clinician to have access for just a weekend then add that range of dates. TIP: If you prefer to have ongoing coverage change “End Day” to a  long time in the future such as 1/1/2055.

Coverage 4

5. The physician who is doing the covering would find the list from the clinician being covered for by loading the list that has “Covering” in it. For example “My patients and Covering” would give a list of my patients and the covered patients.

Covering 5