Hold Order: Medications

To hold a medication in Paragon, click the “Hold” button while in the Order Queue of CPOE.

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A new window will appear. To filter only by Rx Orders, uncheck the “Show Non-Rx Orders” box. Find the medication(s) you want to hold and edit the details; Start Date/Time & Stop Date/Time. A provider can also put in a reason for holding the medication by clicking on the blue notepad. When finished, click “hold”.

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The medication will initially show up as a hold pending status until pharmacy processes the hold. If you click on the medication the order details screen will appear. In this screen you will be able to see the details of the hold.

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Please contact the EMR Physician Support Liaisons with any questions or concerns at (815)759-4330.

Anticoagulant Hold Order for Lumbar Puncture

A new, pre-checked, order has been added to the Lumbar Puncture Convenience Orders module. Within this order contains directions for holding an anticoagulant.

This will alert the pharmacist to hold anticoagulation prior to lumbar puncture.


Suggested holding of anticoagulants before and after epidural/lumbar puncture:

  • Enoxaparin: hold 24 hours before. For prophylactic dosing (30 or 40 mg daily) 12 hours after; for treatmen(1mg/kg) dosing 24 hours afterward
  • Coumadin: hold 5 days before (and INR must be
  • Heparin suggested: hold 8 hours before and 2 hours after finish
  • Clopidogrel (Plavix): hold 7 days before no restrictions after
  • Aspirin: no restrictions

Please stay tuned as we add the hold order to other order sets in the system.

Please contact the EMR Physician Liaisons at (815)759-4330 for any questions or concerns.

Duplicate Lab Order Notification

When ordering certain labs in Paragon, the system will now inform the user if the same lab has been ordered within a certain timeframe in hopes of eliminating duplicate labs.

If the same lab is ordered within a certain timeframe of the patient’s stay, the “Duplicate Interactions Found” window will appear. This window will inform the user that the lab has been ordered. Under the “Reason” section the user can see the timeframe in which the lab was ordered.

Duplicatelabs3Click Picture to Enlarge

Clicking “Correct Order” allows the user to cancel the duplicate lab order. Once the user hits “Correct Order”, they will be directed back to the order detail screen where the duplicate lab order can be cancelled.

Duplicatelabs2Click Picture to Enlarge

Clicking “Override” will allow the user to order the lab. The user must provide a reason why the same lab is being ordered within a certain timeframe.

Duplicatelabs1Click Picture to Enlarge

duplicatelabs4Click Picture to Enlarge

For a full list of the duplicate lab timeframes click here.

Formulary request form is now available

The form to request additions to the pharmacy formulary is now available from this webpage. Submissions can be made even from your mobile device.

Link to the form is on the main menu under Departments => Pharmacy. A quicklink is also available from the right sidebar.

Health Policy Issues and Updates


Hosted by: MCMS and Centegra Health System
When: 7:30am-9:00am
Where: Hampton Inn, 1555 South Illinois Route 31, McHenry IL

For more information click here.

Paragon Downtime

Paragon Database Upgrade

Paragon will be down Monday night 12:00am January 19, 2015 through Tuesday morning 6:00am January 20, 2015 for a Database Upgrade.

Downtime proceudres will be used while the system is unavailable. MPF/HPF will be availble for medical record access.

For any questions or concerns please contact the EMR Physician Support Liaisons at (815)759-4330.

Transcribed document timestamp changes

The timestamp on transcribed documents in MPF has been updated to now reflect the dictation time and not the transcription time.