Paragon Downtime July 22,2015

Paragon Database Upgrade

Paragon will be unavailable from 10:00pm Wednesday 07/22/2015 through 6:00am Thursday 07/23/2015 during the upgrade.

MPF/HPF will be available for medical record access.

Miscellaneous Nursing Order

Please refrain from entering Miscellaneous Nursing Orders for tests, diets, and medications. Lab, Nutrition, and Pharmacy do not receive Miscellaneous Nursing Orders.


Please refrain from entering medication orders as miscellaneous nursing orders as PHARMACY DOES NOT RECEIVE THESE ORDERS. This includes rate changes, dose changes, route changes, and hold orders. Discontinue the current medication and submit a new order.

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Diet Orders
Diet orders should be added through CPOE by submitting the correct order. Please refrain from entering diet orders as miscellaneous nursing orders.

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Lab Orders
The lab will not receive an order intended for them if entered under a miscellaneous nursing order. Please enter lab orders through CPOE under the correct order.
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Please reach out to the EMR Physician Support Liaisons at (815)759-4330 with any questions or concerns.

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.4

Below is the P&T Newsletter as approved April 2015

PT Newsletter 15.4 042315PT

Pharmacy & Therapeutics Newsletter 15.3

Below is the P&T Newsletter as approved by Committee February 2015

PT Newsletter 15.3 022515PT

New T-Sheets

Starting July 14, 2015 at Centegra Hospital-McHenry and July 16, 2015 at Centegra Hospital-Woodstock the Emergency Department will be transitioning to a new system known as T-System EV. T-sheets will now be electronic and will cross over to MPF as a well formatted easy to read note.

Below is an example of how the notes will cross over to MPF after the physician signs the chart. Emergency Room notes will be found under the “ED” folder in MPF. Emergency provider notes can be found under “Physician Clinical Rpt” and Nursing notes can be found under “Nurse Clinical Rpt”. TsystemmpfClick to Enlarge

Lab and Radiology results will cross over to Paragon as resulted.

For any questions or concerns please contact the EMR Physician Support Liaisons at (815)759-4330.

Clinical Documentation Tips: Anemia, Congestive Heart Failure, and Diabetes

Please view the tips below brought to you by our CDI team:


Congestive Heart Failure


Grand Rounds 2015

Please join us for the next Grand Rounds on July 8, 2015 in the Huntley Design Center at Centegra Hospital- McHenry.

To view the Grand Rounds schedule click here.

For a printable copy of the Grand Rounds 2015 schedule click here.

ICD-10 Quick Start Guide

Click here for an ICD-10 quick start guide.

Click on the link below for more tips on each step in the quick start guide:







HIM will begin new hours starting July 6, 2015

Internal Customers & Continuity of Care Requests:

  • M-F: 6:30am-5:30pm
  • Saturday: 7:00am-3:30pm
  • Sunday: 8:00am-4:30pm


  • M-F: 8:00am-4:30pm