Psychiatric Consult Liaison Service and Care Coordination Structure

The purpose of this memo is to communicate the following enhancements to the Care Coordination Department and the growing collaboration between Care Coordination and our psychiatric service line. Continue reading

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Proton Pump Inhibitor Use & Clostridium Difficile

A message to the medical staff from:
Dr. Irfan Hafiz, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Amit Shah, Chair, Department of Medicine – Woodstock
Dr. Linda Alic, Chair, Department of Medicine – McHenry

Clostridium Difficile is responsible for up to 250,000 infections and 14,000 deaths annually in the hospital setting and we are beginning to see a rise in our inpatient population at Centegra. The elderly and those receiving antibiotic treatment are at highest risk of developing infection. The FDA released a safety announcement in February 2012 cautioning the increased risk of developing C-Diff while taking Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs.

During times of acute illness, stress ulcer prophylaxis is recognized as an important component to support good patient outcomes. Adequate prophylaxis can be achieved using histamine H2 receptor blockers such as Pepcid. Use of these H2 blockers is preferred, even in the ICU setting if there is no known history of peptic ulcer disease or other condition necessitating PPI therapy. Examples requiring PPI include coagulopathy, history of GI bleeding/ulcer within one year, traumatic neurological injury and hepatic failure. We encourage cautious use of PPI’s and recommend limiting therapy to the prescribed course during acute hospitalization when the medication is indicated.

Paragon v12.1 Enhancements

Paragon v12.1 comes with enhancements that should help all physicians. The Paragon v12.1 upgrade includes time saving features offered in Medication Reconciliation and Prescription Writer.

Check out the videos on Med Rec enhancements below:

Admission Med Rec Enhancements

Discharge Med Rec Enhancements Part 1

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Bulk Order Sign Off

Bulk Order Sign-Off

Providers now have the ability to sign off on all their telephone orders in 3 steps.

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Reminder: Electronic CDI Queries

CDI queries are now electronic. The queries will now show up in a physician’s deficiency tab under Missing Text.

Please fill out the information at the space provided at the bottom of the document. Click into the box to input information before completing the deficiency.

Below is an example of what the queries will look like.
CDIClick to enlarge

For questions or concerns, please contact the EMR Physician Support Liaisons at (815)-759-4330.

Diet Order Tips

When ordering a diet outside of an order set providers are taken to a screen where they can see the active diet and any supplements/modifiers for that patient.


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